1. Juli 2024

Director, Aftermarket Sales Europe (m/w/d)

Position Summary:

The Director, Aftermarket Sales Europe is responsible for the profitability and strategic growth of the aftermarket segment across all of Europe. This role involves formulating and executivng high-level sales strategies, overseeing diverse sales channels, spearheading market expansion initiatives, fostering robust customer relationships, and leading a dynamic sales team. The incumbent will be provide strategic insights to the executive team, forecast market trends, set ambitious sales targets, and drive overall sales performance.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the financial performance of the Europe aftermarket division, ensuring profitability and sustainable growth through strategic planning and effective cost management.

  • Develop and implement overarching sales strategies to drive revenue growth, enhance marketing penetration, and achieve business objectives across all of Europe.

  • Lead and optimize multiple sales channels, including direct sales, key accounts, and both inside and outside sales teams, ensuring seamless integration and maximized performance.

  • Identify, evaluate, and exploit new marketing opportunities to expand the company’s presence and increase market share in the Europe aftermarket sector.

  • Cultivate and maintain strategic relationships with key customers and high-level prospects, ensuring exceptional customer support and long-term satisfaction.

  • Provide visionary leadership to a diverse team of sales professionals, including Key Account sales reps, Outside sales reps, and an Inside Sales manager with a customer service team. Foster a high-performance culture and mentor future leaders.

  • Develop precise sales forecasts, establish challenging sales quotas, and regularly review performance metrics to ensure alignment with business objectives. Design and execute high-impact sales campaigns and initiatives aimed at attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, leveraging innovative approaches and market insights. Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to communicate customer feedback on product performance, quality, and safety, supporting continuous product improvement and integration. Oversee strategic lead generation activities, including advanced cold calling techniques and targeted direct email marketing, to drive a robust sales pipeline. Represent the company at major industry trade shows and conferences, providing strategic sales support, gathering competitive intelligence, and identifying emerging market trends.

  • Strategically assign sales territories, design and implement advanced training programs for the sales team, and set performance goals to drive exceptional results.

  • Play a key role in the company’s annual strategic planning process, providing deep sales insights and strategic recommendations.

  • Partner with the marketing team to develop and refine advertising, literature, and promotional materials that effectively support sales efforts.

  • Devise and recommend strategic pricing programs to ensure competitive positioning and profitability.

  • Conduct sales data analysis to assess market potential, optimize inventory requirements, and generate comprehensive reports on sales performance.

  • Continuously monitor sales performance against targets, implement strategic adjustments as necessary, and drive corrective actions to achieve goals

  • Act in alignment with the organization’s values, creating and driving objectves that support and enhance the company’s strategic direction.

Specific Knowledge, Skills or Abilities Required:

  • Proven strategic thinking and advanced market analysis capabilities.

  • Demonstrated excellence in customer relationship management at a senior level.

  • Strong team leadership and talent development experience.

  • High ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.

  • Exceptional communication, negotiation, and strategic planning skills.

  • Results-oriented with a proven ability to meet or exceed sales goals.

  • Excellent project management skills.